Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, LLC (Torres) provides Facility Security Officer (FSO) services and support for small businesses with industrial security clearances and for small businesses that want to attain industrial security clearances. We provide guidance to small business to ensure compliance with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM). Our services include:

  1. Provision of a FSO for businesses that cannot hire a full time FSO to manage its industrial security clearances
  2. Assistance in preparing businesses to obtain industrial Security clearances – all levels
  3. Assistance in preparing businesses for Defense Security Service security vulnerability assessments
  4. Advise businesses on how to develop and maintain an Insider Threat Program
  5. Verification of security clearances of employment and consulting applicants
  6. Assistance in preparing individuals to apply for individual security clearances
  7. Review of employee and consultant backgrounds to determine their suitability for individual security clearances
  8. Mentorship of businesses to build a secure environment fit for a U.S. Government issued facility security clearance

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