Torres is one of a select few Private Security Companies (PSCs) that possesses Audited Certifications endorsed and sanctioned by internationally recognized bodies such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the International Standards Organizations (ISO) and the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCa) of Geneva, Switzerland.

The following lists Torres’s global audited ANSI, ISO and ICoCa certifications:

  1. International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCa) – Security Company in Good Standing
  2. Security Vulnerability Assessment conducted by the U.S. Defense Security Service
  3. Security Quality Management Certification ANSI/ASIS – PSC.1-2012
  4. Security Quality Management Certification – ISO-18788
  5. Quality Management Certification – ISO-9001
  6. Risk Management Certification – ANSI/ASIS/RIMS.RA.1
  7. Supply Chain Management Certification – ANSI/ASIS.SCRM.1

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